10 Interactive Meeting Ideas to Inspire Your Team (2023)

10 Interactive Meeting Ideas to Inspire Your Team (1)

Statistics have suggested that businesses need to identify new and engaging meeting ideas because current approaches areineffectiveand unproductive, in turn costing companies a fortune.

If your organization is like most, we’ve got some bad news: research has shown that it’s time you start looking for some new ideas for teammeetingsat work. According toa survey conducted by The Muse, unproductivemeetingscost businesses $37 billion (yes, with a “b”) per year in the United States alone because:

  • There are 25 million per day in the U.S., but…
  • 92% of workers surveyed admit tospending this timemultitaskingand 49% say they do work that is completely unrelated to thetopic at hand, and…
  • Executivessay they believemore than 67% ofmeetingsarefailures

These stats serve to reinforce the stigma thatmeetingsarefrequentlyboring,draining, and unproductive.

And when you add in the extra complication that many teams operate remotely, aren’t using team management software, and aren’t even able to connect in person (on that note, you might like this article we wrote on how to keep employees engaged when they’re working remotely), hosting meetings that are actually engaging can be even more challenging.

But considering that meetings, in some capacity, are by and large a necessary component of running an organization, the likelihood of eliminating them completely seems unrealistic.In fact, things like both virtual and in-person planning sessions, half-day or full-day meetings, and off-site company kick-off meetings are extremely valuable when done correctly. So, insteadof writing them off completely, businesses should focus on finding ways to engage attendees and get the most out of their time together.

Here are 10 cool meeting ideas to help you make yournext virtual or in-person planning session, long meeting,oroff-sitecompanygathering a great experience for all.

5 Interactive Meeting Ideas for Virtual Teams

1. Implement a Little Gamification– If you’re looking for a quick way to beat the stigma that virtual meetings are boring and unproductive, mix things up with some gamification. Games are fun, so why not incorporate constructive ones into your meetings?

There are a ton of greatvirtual team building activities available to kick-start your meeting.We’d recommend something like:

(Video) Virtual Team Building Activities [IDEAS FOR REMOTE TEAMS]

  • Virtual Code BreakIf you want to get your group’s brains fired up before your meeting starts, you’ll love Code Break. This brainteaser activity challenges your team to think creatively and exercise problem-solving skills in order tocompletepuzzles, riddles, and trivia questions.
  • Virtual Team PursuitGive your colleagues an added boost of confidence ahead of your meeting with this activity that helps them learn new things about each otherbydiscoveringtheir hidden strengths. This energetic activity involves breaking into virtual teams and competing to complete a long and exciting list of challenges, earning points along the way in hopes of being crowned champions.
  • Virtual Game Show ExtravaganzaNothing gets people energized quite like a round of trivia. Kick-start your virtual meeting with a quick event that quizzes your group on everything from pop culture to sports, music, geography, world history, and more. Best of all, it mighteveninspire some outside-the-box ideas.
  • Virtual Clue Murder Mystery – If you’re looking for a unique virtual team building activity, we recommend a murdermystery.You’ve probably never heard of a man named Neil Davidsonbut, with this online activity,your group will need to come together to solve the mystery of his murder usingclues, case files, and logic to crack the case. Sometimes, taking your mind offone meeting can be the perfect segue into another.
  • Virtual Holiday Hijinks – With Holiday Hijinks, you and your team can celebrate the holidays and blow off some steam and have a whole lot of laughs as your team breaks out into groups and racesagainstthe clock,competing to completea list of holiday-themed cerebral, physical, and skill-based challenges
  • Virtual Do-Good Games – Team up with your colleaguesfor a Virtual Do-Good Gamesto do some good in the world and give back to those in need,allwhile having a blast.Thisis a morale-boosting virtual team building activity that transforms friendly competition into charitable donations.
  • Virtual Office Olympics – With this virtual team building activity, it’s a race to thepodiumfor your workgroupwhowill put their teamwork to the test as they compete to complete a series of Olympic-style challenges and trivia.Teams will race against the clock to complete challenges and earn the most points. Earning the Gold medal will require Olympian-like collaboration, communication, and competitive-spirit.
  • Virtual Social Shuffle – When it comes to getting to know your team, there’s no better choice than Social Shuffle.We created this team building activity for thatsole purpose of helping colleagues get to know one another—and to have fun doing it!With Social Shuffle, you and your colleagues can connect, collaborate, and build relationships as you work together to complete themed challenges. Every challenge is designed to inspire conversation and help build bonds between teammates.

2. Help People Get to Know Each Other – Make your virtual meeting a little more impactful and engaging by taking the opportunity to help colleagues get to know each other on a deeper level. Doing so will not only help them collaborate and communicate more comfortably and efficiently in the meeting, but it will also offer long-term benefits as well.

We recommend using some fun and interactive icebreaker questions. You can check out this comprehensive list we compiled of The 164 Best Team Building Questions and Icebreakers for Meetings.

3. Make Your Materials More Interesting – Research has found that visuals in meetings can increase engagement by as much as 94% and can even help stimulate attention, retention of information, and interaction among participants.

So, rather than just talking at your virtual meeting guests, create some visuals that give context to your discussion or illustrate a point. This can be anything from a simple PowerPoint presentation to a video, depending on how much time you want to invest.

4. Get Some Blood Pumping – If you want to make sure your virtual meeting attendees are awake and alert, you can start your meeting off by warming up together (literally).

At the outset of the meeting, encourage your team to get up and take them through a few simple stretches and exercises.

This could include things like:

(Video) How To Make Virtual Team Meetings FUN

  • Jumping jacks
  • High knees
  • Running in place
  • Stretches like tricep stretches, overhead reaches, or torso stretches (for more, check out this awesome article from Healthline that offers up an extensive list of “deskercise” stretches)

5. Encourage Your Team to Use Fun Backgrounds – If you’re using a video conferencing platform like Zoom, your team can customize their backgrounds to be something fun.

The options are endless, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, you could choose:

The office from The Office

10 Interactive Meeting Ideas to Inspire Your Team (2)

The burning room from the popular “this is fine” meme

10 Interactive Meeting Ideas to Inspire Your Team (3)

The bridge from the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek

10 Interactive Meeting Ideas to Inspire Your Team (4)

Central Perk from the show Friends

10 Interactive Meeting Ideas to Inspire Your Team (5)

But it doesn’t just stop with images. You can even make video backgrounds — like the guy who made agenius video background of himself accidentally walking in on his video call.

(Video) Team Building Activity At Work [EASY AND AWESOME]

10 Interactive Meeting Ideas to Inspire Your Team (6)

This might seem small but it can be a great way to lighten the mood, get a few laughs out of people, and get people ready for the meeting to come.

5 Interactive Meeting Ideas for In-Person Teams

1. Get Insights from Your Team – If you want your employees to be engaged in your meetings, try getting their input and insight into what their ideal meeting would look like. You could send out a survey with a service likeSurveyMonkeyasking them what they would like to door discuss for upcominghalf-day or full-daymeetings, planning sessions, company off-sites, or company retreats (for more on this, check out our free Online Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Planning the Ultimate Company Retreat).

This could include things like:

  • Topics they’d like to cover and outcomes they’d like to achieve
  • Venues or places they might want to goto
  • Activities they’d like to partake in during the meeting
  • People they’d like to recognize for a job well done
  • Team, department, or company achievements they’d like to discuss with the group
  • How they’d like information to be presented and discussed in meetings, such as verbal versus visual, and conversationalversus one-directional

And if you’re looking for a hands-on workshop that can help you host more productive meetings, you might like our Effective Meetings training and development program. It can help your company’s leaders learn the five great reasons to meet, determine attendees’ roles, handle people who “hijack” meetings, identify what causes ineffective meetings, and control the attendance list.

2. Find an Awesome Meeting Space – If you want your meeting to be engaging, then there’s nothing quite like heading off-site to an inspiring venue.Not that there’s anything wrong with your boardroom or office meeting spaces but there’s nothing quite like a change of scenery to help your team feel engaged andmotivated, and think a little differently. There are any number of places you can go for an off-site meeting, including:

  • Hotel conference rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Libraries
  • Photo and video studios
  • Outdoor spaces, weatherpermitting

We wrote ablog post that outlines some key considerations for picking venues. You might want to give it a read before you start planning your off-site meeting.

And for all the times when you do have in-house meetings, you might also want to consider making your office meeting spaces as inspiring as possible. If you’re looking for a resource that gives you some insight on how to do this, check out our guide: 50 Ways to Improve Your Office Environment.

(Video) Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Meetings

3. Utilize “Grouping” to Create Engagement – When you stick your employees in a large group with no interaction or activity, it’s easy to see why they’d get bored and distracted – and find other ways to entertain themselves. That’s what makes “grouping” such a cool meeting idea.

To do this, introduce an overarching idea or subject to your team and then split them up into “breakout groups” to brainstorm and discuss it.This could be something like “blue sky ideas for how to attract new customers.” Give each group a pad of paper and some pens to keep track of their discussion. Then, reconvene with the full team to discuss the topic together. This will help create engagement in two ways – first,by having smaller teams collaborate on an idea and,secondly,by having each group participate in a larger discussion.

4. Make the Time Between Meetings Extra Engaging–A long day of sitting in meetings can get a little bit tough on the brain and the body. If you’ve got back-to-backs (to-back-to-backs), splitting up the day can help people re-energize between sessions. You can try activities like:

  • Wild Goose Chase– Help your team get refreshed by getting outdoors for some fresh air with a Wild Goose Chase scavenger hunt. With this app-based activity, your team will head out into the city to explore, bond, and tackle fun photo and video challenges. Whether it’s for 20 minutes or an hour, it’s a great way to get your group reinvigorated and ready for your next round of meetings.
  • Team Pursuit If you’re looking for a way to re-energize between meetings, you’ll love Team Pursuit. With this high-energy activity, your group will break out into teams and compete through a series of mental, physical, skill, and mystery challenges. Together, they’ll have to utilize each other’s unique strengths and exercise their problem-solving skills if they want to be crowned the winners.
  • Custom EventsIf you’re looking for interactiveactivityideas, we can customize events to meet your exact need. Just let us know what you’re looking for and our team of experts can help you find an activity that your team will love.

5. Help Colleagues Build Closer Bonds –Helping colleagues build stronger personal bonds has actually been proven to help create more successful business outcomes. So, facilitating an activity that lets them do so can pay off big time in the long run. We recommend an icebreaker team building activity likeGetting to Know Youwhere teammates will need to learn more about one another in order to complete photo and video challenges that require them to find people in the room who match specific criteria.

If you’ve got a packed schedule for the day and you’re short on time, we also offer a ton ofexpress team building activitiesthat can be done in an hour or less and can be a great way to squeeze some exciting gamification into your meeting agenda. For more, see our blog article on quick team building activities.

Can you think of any interactive meeting ideas we might’ve missed? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know your favorites in the comments section below.

Learn More About Interactive Meeting Ideas for Your WorkGroup

For more information aboutcoolmeeting ideasthatcan helpyour group increase engagement and get more out of every meeting,just reach out to our Employee Engagement Consultants.

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How do I make my team meeting more interactive? ›

9 actionable tips for how to make staff meetings more engaging
  1. Be more intentional about your team meeting calls. ...
  2. Share the agenda in advance. ...
  3. Utilize tools that allow for collaboration. ...
  4. Designate specific roles for all team members. ...
  5. Start with an icebreaker. ...
  6. Have speakers identify themselves before speaking.
Apr 12, 2022

What are good topics for a team meeting? ›

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  • Recent victories. Team meetings can acknowledge recent successes, whether of individual employees or teams. ...
  • Challenges. ...
  • Recent changes. ...
  • Improvements. ...
  • Short- or long-term vision. ...
  • Employee health conversations. ...
  • Leadership roles. ...
  • Collaboration skills.

How do I make my team meetings fun? ›

8 team bonding activities to make your regular staff meetings fun
  1. Show and tell. For a fun way to move into your next meeting, try a quick round of show and tell. ...
  2. Caption contest. ...
  3. Play “would you rather?” ...
  4. Best backdrop contest. ...
  5. Guess the location. ...
  6. Joke of the day. ...
  7. Scavenger hunt. ...
  8. Guess the picture.
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What is a fun way to start a meeting? ›

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  • Hold a meeting outside. ...
  • Create an interactive agenda. ...
  • Provide food. ...
  • Make groups. ...
  • Change the seating chart. ...
  • Play a game of charades. ...
  • Ask interesting questions.
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How do I make an interactive meeting? ›

We have put together some thoughts, reflections, and ideas to inspire you to make more engaging and interactive meetings throughout 2022 and beyond.
  1. Ditch PowerPoint.
  2. Don't call them meetings.
  3. Focus on efficiency.
  4. Always have action points and follow-ups.
  5. Focus on inclusion.
  6. Ban unnecessary technology.
Aug 9, 2022

What is a good ice breaker to start a meeting? ›

A classic game played at summer camps everywhere, "Would You Rather" is an excellent, quick ice breaker for the workplace. Next time you're settling into a meeting or team bonding outing, take turns going around the table and asking each person a "Would You Rather" question.

What are some fun ways to start a virtual meeting? ›

Give everyone a heads up that they will have about a minute at the beginning of the meeting to take the virtual stage. Ask them to find or write an icebreaker joke, read a poem, sing a song, play the mandolin—anything they want! Start your meeting with these glorious performances.

How do you motivate a busy team? ›

Schedule a meeting with your team and ask them what they need from you to feel more motivated at work. Follow up with 1-on-1 meetings to get a better sense of how to motivate individual employees. Then, use the information you got from your team to motivate them in a way that works for them.

What makes a meeting successful? ›

An effective meeting brings a thoughtfully selected group of people together for a specific purpose, provides a forum for open discussion, and delivers a tangible result: a decision, a plan, a list of great ideas to pursue, a shared understanding of the work ahead.

What is an interactive meeting? ›

Events that put people together in a way that encourages meeting new people, collaborations and an exchange of ideas.

How do you make virtual meetings more interactive for students? ›

Once you've optimized for inclusive participation, it's time to use the tactics below to transform meeting participants into fully engaged attendees.
  1. Engagement starts with your meeting agenda. ...
  2. Use icebreaker questions to crack open conversation. ...
  3. Make it visual. ...
  4. Collect feedback in real-time with surveys and polls.
Jul 1, 2022

How do you make virtual meetings feel real? ›

Work: How to Make Virtual Meetings Feel More Real.
Simple ways you can improve your virtual presence:
  1. Turn off your selfie cam during video calls to eliminate the biggest distraction.
  2. Make sure your camera is at eye level and you're sitting 30”-36” from the lens for the most natural effect.
Mar 30, 2021

How do you make an online event interesting? ›

37 Virtual Event Ideas for Your Next Online Event
  1. Personal Trivia Turned Into a Virtual Game. ...
  2. Real-Time Illustrations During Sessions. ...
  3. Live Games or Competitions. ...
  4. Virtual Concert. ...
  5. Health and Wellbeing Activities. ...
  6. Build Unique Immersive Environments. ...
  7. Attract Star Talent. ...
  8. Cooking or Cocktail Class.
May 1, 2022

How do you get people to participate in meetings? ›

How to encourage participation and collaboration during meetings
  1. Build and distribute an agenda. ...
  2. Host recurring meetings. ...
  3. Start with icebreakers or exercises. ...
  4. Ask other employees to present. ...
  5. Encourage attendees to join conversations. ...
  6. Make the meeting inclusive to remote employees.
Oct 8, 2021

What are four best practices for virtual meetings? ›

16 Virtual Meetings Best Practices
  • Establish the Meeting's Purpose and Agenda. ...
  • Choose the Right Technology and Test it. ...
  • Avoid Scheduling Hiccups. ...
  • Consider Privacy. ...
  • Check Your Camera. ...
  • Consider Your Background. ...
  • Minimize Distracting Noises. ...
  • Assign Roles.
Jan 20, 2022

How do you run an engaging virtual meeting? ›

The best way to introduce some fun into your virtual meeting is to add some gamification elements. Surprise your coworkers and incorporate short fun activities now and then. According to research, gamification can enhance your coworkers' virtual meeting experience and provide you with long-term engagement from them.

How can we make meetings more effective? ›

7 Ways to Make Meetings More Efficient
  1. Is the meeting necessary? Many meetings turn out, in retrospect, to be unnecessary. ...
  2. Write an agenda. ...
  3. Start and stop on time. ...
  4. Cover important items first. ...
  5. Summarize each conclusion. ...
  6. Assign specific responsibility. ...
  7. Keep notes and circulate minutes.


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