Community Building Apps to Overcome The Loneliness Epidemic (2022)

To become our best selves, we don't need much. Such simple things as love, support, and the ability to feel empowered, help us live a healthy and happy life.

In contrast, the inability to feel connected, loneliness, and feeling like an outsider make us sad and damage our health by causing chronic diseases.

Especially now, when the pandemic has limited our social interactions, loneliness has become even dangerous, slowly killing us from the inside.

So, how can we leverage technologies to battle loneliness?

The solution is in online communities. Many community admins are using Facebook groups and Slack software to communicate with community members. Unfortunately, such messaging tools cannot provide a meaningful connection to a society's members.

For this reason, the development of community applications is becoming more popular in recent years. A society-based app is the best alternative to social networks, where instead of feeling engaged, users feel even more lonely than offline.

In this article, we will talk about the difference between social group apps and social networks. We will also talk about resident app development, define features for a community app, and calculate its costs.

Now, let's find out what are apps for communities and the reasons people invest in them.

What is a community-based mobile app?

Community applications serve online communities, a group of people with similar interests, values, and beliefs to help them engage socially.

An application for community is the place where people can create and upload multimedia content, share it with other members, discuss topics in built-in forums, share their ideas, and even run online video events.

At the beginning of the 2000s, all such societies existed in web-based forums, where members created threads to discuss something with others. Now, thanks to developed technologies, mobile devices are affordable for anyone. So, you can connect with society members via local community apps.

However, there are online communities that still prefer web-based community forum software to mobile apps. Examples include:

Github, a professional community for developers to share pre-coded app features, ask questions, and review codes.

Community Building Apps to Overcome The Loneliness Epidemic (1)

Quora, a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Internet users.

Community Building Apps to Overcome The Loneliness Epidemic (2)

Airbnb, the peer-to-peer network of travelers and hosts, has a dedicated community for hosts to share their experiences.

Community Building Apps to Overcome The Loneliness Epidemic (3)

Why do people create community applications?

If you can create a community in a Facebook group, why build online community apps?

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People prefer the app community to social networks for the following reasons:

  • Lack of necessary functionality
  • Questionable user data privacy
  • Mistrust in social network politics

One example is Facebook, which has been criticized for selling users' data to third parties, applying face recognition without users' permission, and denying location privacy representing significant setbacks for civil rights. Don't forget about fake news and interference in governmental elections with political ads.

At the same time, a community-based mobile application has the following benefits:

  • Build loyalty. Brands develop community applications because it is a proven way to build loyalty, engage with more potential customers, promote products, and run marketing campaigns.
  • Stay connected. Neighbors who live in the same area use apps for neighborhoods to bridge the communication gap. With a neighborhood communication app, they can plan and organize social activities, raise funds, and share their news with neighbors.
  • Receive advice. Professionals use community applications to find reliable business service providers, keep track of current trends and events, ask for career advice from industry leaders, and share compelling cases from their work.
  • Learning new things. Students access online courses in education community apps, get new knowledge, and dig deeper into one particular topic.

In a nutshell, communities create mobile applications to stay connected with other members without sharing their personal information with third-party providers and receiving all the functionality they need. But, the reason people prefer community building apps to social networks has even deeper roots. They originate from the inability to find similarly-minded people from 2.7 billion Facebook users, something called the "social media paradox."

How do the best community apps solve the social media paradox?

Belonging to a particular society and engaging with its members has a direct impact on our health.

Cigna Health Insurance company's report suggests that about 50% of the U.S. population feel left out all the time. The report also shows that loneliness damages our health the same way as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. In the report, Douglas Nemecek, MD, Cigna's chief medical officer for behavioral health, stated that loneliness is a growing health epidemic. Despite technologies that can connect us, the loneliness rate has doubled since the 1980s.

In 2017, Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Ph.D., a psychologist at Brigham Young University, presented the research linking loneliness and social isolation to many health risks. The results are terrifying. Her report included robust evidence that social isolation and loneliness significantly increases the risk of premature mortality, and the magnitude of the risk exceeds that of many leading health indicators.

Isn't it strange? We have access to social networks with billions of users who can become our friends. At the same time, we continue feeling lonely and slowly destroying our health. Here is the answer.

According to Joseph Burgo, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, interacting with people through social media, undermines loneliness. Social media sharing focuses on the best experience, and everyone tries to look like a social media winner. But, "seeing all those fabulous parties, vacations, meals, etc. enjoyed by our 'friends' can make us feel lonely," he says.

Ironically, social media that initially aimed at connecting people are among the factors of why people feel loneliness, i.e., the "social media paradox." It is the idea that social media doesn't help us support real connections and judge our worth by the number of likes and hits, contributing to feelings of distance and isolation.

In contrast, an online community chat that gathers a few people who share similar interests has the opposite effect. You can find significant connections with people who understand you, share your ideas and values.

After joining an online society, you no longer have to be afraid of being left out by indifferent people. Other members care about each other and contribute to one shared idea.

You can also make meaningful connections with people from different countries and cultures easier. If we share common ideas, learning from each other without prejudice becomes even more straightforward, despite things that divide us.

Once you are ready to build a neighborhood app, you may ask yourself the following question: "How to create my community mobile app if I have no experience in coding?" We are here to help you with this task.

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Main steps to build a community management system

Fortunately, to develop an application for your community, you don't need to be a coder. Development teams will build the project for you. Your task here is to make critical decisions that will impact your app's functionality, development costs, and time.

Here they are:

Step 1. Define your audience

If you don't have an existing online community that lives on Facebook or other social media platforms, you need to decide what your community will be about.

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For this goal, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What are you doing in your spare time?
  • What is your job?
  • What can't you live without?

Check out one example:

Do you like dogs? Have a dog and are looking for people to walk it with? Or want to gather all dog owners worldwide to share experiences, advice on dog care products, and learn how to make your pet happy? Here it is.

We don't recommend to base your community on trends that will disappear with time. Instead, the idea behind your society should be something that provokes your interest from the depth of your soul and makes you feel excited day-by-day.

Now that you know who you want to gather, it is time to think about how your application will serve community members.

Step 2. Think about the functionality

All communities are different, as are society discussion apps and their features. Thus, you need to make a list of must-have and nice-to-have functionality of your app.

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The "must-have" list should include only basic functionality enough for community members to use the application and rate it. While all apps for community require a tailored feature list, here is the core functionality to consider:

  • User login
  • User profile
  • Newsfeed
  • Creating groups
  • Adding friends
  • User search
  • Life chat
  • Notifications
  • Media files upload

Also, consider the "nice-to-have" list as a wish list for your app. Write down features your society members can communicate without but would love to use.

Here we have some examples:

  • Video streaming for arranging an online virtual event
  • Google Calendar integration for scheduling community meetings
  • Fund-raising feature to gather money for the community's purposes
  • User matching to connect community members with the same interests

There are many options to choose from.

You may ask, "why do I need to create two lists while I want to make one app?" Well, the question is reasonable. You will find the answer in the next step.

Step 3. Ask developers for a quote

We often receive requests from readers to estimate their application. In most cases, people came to us with a basic idea of what the app should look like or its business model. We are always glad to find out about one or other project, but our developers can estimate only features and design, not an abstract idea.

To receive the app's exact development cost for communities, send both lists you created in the previous step. In this way, you will receive the time and money needed to build the app's first version with must-have features (MVP) and costs to add nice-to-have functionality during the next development stage.

How much will your application cost?

Calculate now

Got it? By sending feature lists to developers, you save yourself time and effort and thus receive a precise estimation of your project from the start.

We understand that you are not a business analyst who professionally makes feature lists. We will help you in case you missed something. We will also easily create project documentation with detailed project descriptions, requirements, and user stories.

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Step 4. Choose the design

As we said, building an MVP ensures a faster time to market and costs less than a fully-fledged project. MVP functionality is defined by your "must-have" list, advice from a project manager and developers, and exists in the project documentation. But who will decide the way your application will look?

If you have some preferences for the project design, you are welcome to send screens and links. Our designers will use them as references for the project's prototype.

If you have no idea about the app's design, do not despair.

Before developers start coding, our designers will offer several variants of the application UI/UX during the Discovery phase. After selecting the design you like the most, designers will make an app prototype with the app's main screens. You can click on it and see the user's flow.

Next, the designer will create screens for the rest of the app's functionality and send them to developers.

Step 5. Build an MVP

Developers start building the application even before they receive all designs. They will set up the app's architecture components, connect it with the server (on-premise or cloud-based), and build the app's backend.

After developers receive designs, they will connect the app's features on the backend with the app's frontend, i.e., screens and their elements like icons, buttons, and third-party services, if needed.

The development team will invite you to run a demonstration session every two weeks, report about finished features, and discuss tasks for the next two weeks.

After the last feature is implemented, developers will run the final demo with you to show how the final result looks and acts. Next, they upload the project to the marketplace and make it available for installing.

You have two weeks to download the project, try it, and ask developers to fix the code in case of errors. When all errors have been corrected, you can invite your community members to install the application and start using it.

The flow we just went through describes the process of developing a community-building app from scratch. But you can choose another way. You may create an app for your community using a SaaS platform for community applications. Let's see how both methods differ and their pros and cons.

Building applications from scratch vs. using a community app builder

For building the best community-based apps, you can hire developers to create a unique project or leverage SaaS platforms. SaaS means the software as a service. Such platforms offer several pre-developed features and require less time and effort for creating society apps. Let's compare both methods.

Custom-built community platform

Advantages and disadvantages of custom applications are as follows:


Total control over functionality. Developers can build as many features as you need and integrate existing tools via API.

Unique design. A recognizable design and custom user experience create a positive attitude among your society members and make them use the app more often.

Scalable solution. You can ask developers to add extra features anytime or build a particular module from scratch in-house.

Predicted result. You know what to expect from the project even before the development begins, as far as all the project's nuances are discussed beforehand with the development team.

Securely stored user data. The system securely stores data on cloud servers and protects messages from non-community members' access to data encryption.

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Time-consuming. The team needs from two to four months to create documentation and deliver your project, but the number of features determines the final project duration.

Requires effort. You need to agree on the project scope with the development team and then communicate with the project manager about its progress.

High costs. App development costs vary from $50,000 to $160,000 depending on the project complexity, the number of platforms (iOS and Android), and the need in the app's web version.

Community systems build on SaaS platforms

If you think about leveraging an app-building platform for your app, consider the following:


Quick setup. You can set up and launch your project for iOS, Android, and web within several days.

Subscription-based. You will pay a subscription to the SaaS platform from $50 for the web and from $300 for a mobile app.

Pre-build features. SaaS platforms offer all the necessary functionality, so you don't need to consider the functionality.

User-friendly. Such platforms are created with users in mind, so their admin panel is simple to use.


Lack of scalability. Your application is limited by the standard functions platform builders offer. While some solutions support third-party integrations, they do not ensure such functionality will work without errors.

No control over user data. All the information members share in such an app is stored in the platform's database. Some solutions offer storing user data on your server, but only a few provide end-to-end encryption of data sent via the app.

Lack of customizable design. App builders allow you to customize the app's URL, add a logo, and change the pre-built design template's color. You can't change an app's elements such as buttons, so your project will look and feel similar to other applications created on such a platform.

So, should you hire a development team or create a community app with a SaaS app builder? The answer is up to you. Both methods have good and bad sides, so base your choice on your community's needs, budget, and time frame.

Now, let's sum everything up.

Creating the best community-based app: the final word

The main reason to develop the best community app is that social networks don't have the necessary features, and may compromise user trust through a data breach.

Moreover, such applications bring benefits to various communities, from startups and well-established brands to neighbors and professionals.

To create a community living app, you don't need to be a professional developer. You can either hire a development team to make a unique mobile or web application tailored to your needs or leverage online community app builders.

(Video) 9.18.22 | The Loneliness Epidemic | Jennifer Howes

If you need advice from developers for your project, we are here to help. Share your idea, and we will do our best to bring it into reality.

What our clients say


What makes a good community app? ›

Best features to build into your community app
  • 1 - Peer-to-peer messaging. Being able to connect and talk with other people is probably the most foundational feature of a community app. ...
  • 2 - Profile personalization. ...
  • 3 - Content sharing. ...
  • 4 - Live events and activities. ...
  • 5 - Moderation. ...
  • 6 - Gamification.
3 May 2022

What is a community based app? ›

Unlike other apps, community based mobile apps focus on a specific community and target the audience of it. In this way, marketing the app becomes quite effective as well. These apps provide updated information about the community, such as local information and news, and brings people closer.

How do you make a community app? ›

Make a Community App in just 3 steps
  1. Name & logo. To make your own app choose a template, or a blank app and set the name and icons.
  2. Set Features. Select features from the app builder that suits best your needs.
  3. Publish. Push the Publish button, and we will do the rest. Let's create you a mobile app.

Is there an app that talks back to you? ›

Replika is a #1 chatbot companion powered by artificial intelligence. Join millions talking to their own AI friends! Replika is for anyone who wants a friend with no judgment, drama, or social anxiety involved.

What do you think are the most important characteristics of a community? ›

(1) A group of people:

Because without a group of people we can't think of a community, when a group of people live together and share a common life and binded by a strong sense of community consciousness at that moment a community is formed. Hence a group of people is the first pre-requisites of community.

What makes a good online community? ›

Successful online communities encourage, honor, and showcase their superusers. When you empower your most passionate community members, they will develop into brand advocates, who often contribute the majority of content while also actively assisting other customers.

How do you use the community app? ›

Community App – How to Guide– Stay in touch with your communities.

What is Android community App? ›

A community app is a mobile application that lets you host an interactive virtual community. A good community app gives users the ability to engage with discussions, comment and like posts, and share and watch videos.

Which platform is best for building community? ›

The Top 10 Best Online Community Platforms in 2022
  • Mighty Networks.
  • Slack.
  • Discord.
  • Facebook Groups.
  • Discourse.
  • Vanilla Forums.
  • Circle.
  • Reddit.
10 Aug 2022

How do I develop an app? ›

How to create an app for mobile devices
  1. Get your app idea on paper.
  2. Build a Native app or a PWA, based on your needs.
  3. Make your app using the right method for your business.
  4. Create an app with an app builder (no-code option)
  5. Test your app on iOS and Android devices.
  6. Submit and Publish your app on the stores.
1 Jun 2022

What is a community platform? ›

A community platform is a virtual space where a group of people united in interests, goals, or other commonalities (including identity, purpose, or ideologies) come together to meet, connect, and build relationships with each other.

Is there any app for lonely people? ›

HearMe is an app for iOS and Android that lets you talk one-on-one with a stranger. You're not really talking -- this is a texting experience, which might actually make it a bit easier to open up to a stranger. At least that was my experience.

Is there any platform for lonely people? ›

TalkLife is a peer support platform and is designed to be a safe space. At TalkLife you can find someone to talk to about the struggles you share. It's a platform where you can work through life together and talk about anything from mental health, depression, a break up to school or work.

Is there an app where you can talk to people about your problems? ›

HearMe (Android, iOS): Find a Stranger to Talk About Your Issues. HearMe is a platform to unburden yourself when you're feeling bogged down by negative thoughts by opening up to a stranger on the internet. It's a simple chat app that connects two people based on common topics.

How are you making a positive impact in your community or country? ›

Start by giving more than what is expected. Whether it is helping a colleague work on a project, organizing a neighborhood clean-up, or shoveling snow at an elderly neighbor's house, learn to become aware of what is happening around you and what others are experiencing. This helps you to live more fully in the present.

What can you contribute for the improvement of your community? ›

  • 10 Ways You Can Make a Difference in Your Community. ...
  • Volunteer. ...
  • Donate Blood. ...
  • Become a Mentor. ...
  • Organize a Charitable Event. ...
  • Shop Local. ...
  • Adopt a Neighbour. ...
  • Attend Community Meetings.

What is an example of community building? ›

Community building activities are events and exercises that promote camaraderie and fellowship and between like minded individuals. For example, volunteering, newsletters, and group game nights.

How do you start a community building? ›

Best practices for building communities
  1. Be purpose-driven. ...
  2. Keep your focus on your purpose and your members. ...
  3. Be deliberate in your decisions about a community and its culture. ...
  4. Find tools and strategies that support communities. ...
  5. Involve your members. ...
  6. Empower your members.
3 Feb 2011

How do you build a strong community online? ›

7 Steps for Building an Online Community
  1. Identify key stakeholders for the online community.
  2. Define the purpose and goal.
  3. Select a community platform.
  4. Build a member profile.
  5. Develop rules and norms.
  6. Set up your community.
  7. Identify key stakeholders for the online community.
  8. Promote your community.

How much is the community app? ›

The Community app starts $99 per month for 1,000 subscribers. This price tag isn't accessible to influencers who are just starting out.

How much does community app cost? ›

Community's pricing starts at $99/ month for up to 1,000 subscribers, and scales by the number of fans an artist has: for 10k subscribers you'd be charged $600 a month, and $900 for 25k.

What is the my community? ›

My Community is a 'gateway' for advice and support for the entire community sector and a place where the community movement gathers and connects. Visit for: Online resources, knowledge articles and step-by-step guides. Grants and funding information from across the whole community sector.

What is Google community used for? ›

The Google Help Communities are a place for Google users to ask questions or provide feedback about Google products and services, discuss products and services with other Google users and enthusiasts, provide tips for using Google products and services to the community, get help from other users and Google enthusiasts ...

How do I start a community on Google? ›

Search on a topic of interest to you. To view a Community before you join, tap the Community. Once you find a Community you want to join, tap Join. If you need permission to join a Community, it will say Ask to join instead.

How can I join my community? ›

7 Simple Ways You Can Get Involved in Your Community
  1. Look for Local Events. Keep an eye on newspaper and news station announcements. ...
  2. Volunteer Your Time. There are TONS of ways you can volunteer your time. ...
  3. Donate Your Resources. ...
  4. Shop Locally. ...
  5. Join a Class or Group. ...
  6. Support Your Local Sports Teams. ...
  7. Organize Your Own Event.
30 Sept 2014

Which country is like app? ›

Likee (/ˈlaɪkiː/; formerly LIKE) is a short-video creation and sharing app, available for iOS and Android operating systems. It is owned by Singaporean tech firm BIGO Technology, whose parent company is JOYY Inc., a Chinese firm listed on NASDAQ.

Which social media app is most used in world? ›


With nearly 3 billion monthly users, Facebook is inarguably the largest and most popular social media platform in the world.

What is the latest social media app? ›

10 New Social Media Platforms & Apps
  • TikTok. TikTok has quickly become a major player with its detailed algorithms and unique content creation capabilities. ...
  • Discord. ...
  • Twitch. ...
  • Instagram Reels. ...
  • Patreon. ...
  • Twitter Spaces. ...
  • Spotify Greenroom. ...
  • Supernova.
21 Jul 2022

What are examples of online communities? ›

15 Examples Of Thriving Online Communities
  • Mumsnet. My favourite community. ...
  • Teachers Connect. 4,279 posts in the last 24 hours. ...
  • Barista Exchange. A great example of clear, effective, Ning design creating a decent online community for today's Baristas.
  • Threadless. ...
  • SK-Gaming. ...
  • ModelMayhem. ...
  • CommunityCare. ...
  • Triiibes.
4 Nov 2010

What are community engagement platforms? ›

Community Platforms and Solutions Overview

Community Platforms manage the process of creating and maintaining a space for productive discussion among community members. Members can share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. This process is sometimes referred to as "community engagement."

How do I find an online community? ›

Where should you look?
  1. Check Out Social Media. ...
  2. Subscribe to Newsletters. ...
  3. Join a Support Group. ...
  4. Try a Virtual Club or Class. ...
  5. Check Out Your Local Library Website.
12 Mar 2021

Which is the best app builder? ›

GoodBarber is an app builder created in 2011, delivering a tool which allows to create robust and powerful apps, with the best design and user experience out there. With GoodBarber, you can make native iOS apps, native Android apps, and Progressive Web Apps, which are the latest, most advanced mobile technology.

How does an app work? ›

Simply put, an app is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks. Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications, while those for mobile devices are called mobile apps. When you open an application, it runs inside the operating system until you close it.

What software is used to create apps? ›

Comparison of Best App Development Platforms
SoftwareOur RatingsPlatform
Zoho Creator5 StarsCloud-based, iOS, Android and PWA.
AppyPie5 StarsAndroid, iOS, & PWA.
AppSheet5 StarsWindows, Mac, Linux.
Bizness Apps4.7 StarsAndroid, iPhone, & Web-based
3 more rows

What makes a community a community? ›

A community is a group of people who share something in common. You can define a community by the shared attributes of the people in it and/or by the strength of the connections among them. You need a bunch of people who are alike in some way, who feel some sense of belonging or interpersonal connection.

What is a customer community platform? ›

A customer community is defined as places or platforms for customers, experts, partners, and others to discuss a product, marketplace, post reviews, brainstorm new product ideas and engage with one another about a company's products/services/brands.

What is an online platform? ›

The term “online platform” has been used to describe a range of services available on the Internet including marketplaces, search engines, social media, creative content outlets, app stores, communications services, payment systems, services comprising the so-called “collaborative” or “gig” economy, and much more.

Can Social Media Help loneliness? ›

Among middle-aged participants, using social media more frequently was associated with lower social loneliness. We found that the associations between social media use and loneliness varied by age. Older people's engagement on social media may be a resource to reduce loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is there an app to talk to people about depression? ›

We have a large community receiving support across anxiety, depression, eating disorders and those battling self harm. So get on TalkLife and talk to other people going through the exact same struggles you are.

How do you talk to people app? ›

Best Talk with Strangers Apps
  1. Omegle. Platform: Android. Price: Free. ...
  2. MeetMe. Platform: Android, iOS. Price: Free. ...
  3. Moco. Platform: Android, iOS. Price: Free. ...
  4. Anonymous Chat. Platform: Android. Price: Free. ...
  5. Whisper. Platform: Android. ...
  6. Chatous. Platform: Android, iOS. ...
  7. Platform: Android, iOS. ...
  8. Telegram. Platform: Android, iOS.

Who do I talk to when I feel lonely? ›

We're here for you if you are feeling lonely. Text HOME to 741741 if you need to talk with someone. You can also try: Reach out to friends and family: in this modern world, there are so many ways you can connect with the people who mean the most to you.

Is Happify app free? ›

Happify is technically free, but to access more advanced options, and detailed statistics, you have to pay—$11.99 a month (or less if you sign up for six months or a year all in one go).

Can I get paid to talk to people? ›

You can get paid to talk to lonely people by using chat platforms such as RentAFriend or FriendPC. You can offer virtual friend services and talk about various topics like music, movies, food, video games, or even be a motivational coach.

What is the Mental Health app? ›

What Are Mental Health Apps? Mental health apps are tools that can be accessed via your smartphone or mobile device that focus on improving different aspects of mental health and well-being. Such tools may focus on a range of areas related to wellness including relaxation, stress management, and sleep.

Is there a app to talk for mental health? ›

If you have never meditated before or find it difficult, Headspace is a great place to start. The popular app takes you by the hand and leads you through guided meditations and mindfulness techniques to help establish calm and wellness in your life.

Is there an app that talks to you? ›

Talk Free is a popular text-to-speech app with over 5,000,000+ installs. This app will speak whatever you type, with multiple language options. It can also import any text from different apps. Available on Android devices.

How much does community text cost? ›

Pricing and comparisons

One key difference is that of pricing. Community's pricing starts at $99/ month for up to 1,000 subscribers, and scales by the number of fans an artist has: for 10k subscribers you'd be charged $600 a month, and $900 for 25k. The company doesn't charge per message and no extra costs occur.

Where can I host an online group? ›

Today we'll go over the 15 best online community platforms for 2022:
  • Uscreen.
  • Mighty Networks.
  • Tribe.
  • Circle.
  • Hivebrite.
  • Disciple.
  • Discourse.
  • Vanilla Forums.
30 Mar 2022

How do community numbers work? ›

How does it work? ‍A Community Leader receives their own 10-digit phone number. They can promote the number by posting on social platforms, sending an email, or simply providing it to those who want to join their Community.

How does community text service work? ›

Fans send them a text message and immediately receive an automatic text message asking them to click the link to fill out a web form. This form typically asks them for some personal information like their name and birthday. Once a fan fills out the form, they've subscribed to receive future text messages.

How do I stop celebrity texts? ›

If you choose to unsubscribe, "your information is no longer visible" to the celebrity, but note that in order to completely delete your information off the platform you need to make a request by emailing

How do you build an online community? ›

Here are the 7 steps to build your own online community.
  1. Identify key stakeholders for the online community.
  2. Define the purpose and goal.
  3. Select a community platform.
  4. Build a member profile.
  5. Develop rules and norms.
  6. Set up your community.
  7. Identify key stakeholders for the online community.
  8. Promote your community.

What are examples of online communities? ›

15 Examples Of Thriving Online Communities
  • Mumsnet. My favourite community. ...
  • Teachers Connect. 4,279 posts in the last 24 hours. ...
  • Barista Exchange. A great example of clear, effective, Ning design creating a decent online community for today's Baristas.
  • Threadless. ...
  • SK-Gaming. ...
  • ModelMayhem. ...
  • CommunityCare. ...
  • Triiibes.
4 Nov 2010

What is a paid community? ›

An online paid membership community is basically a community where members pay an annual fee to come together and interact online. There are many platforms out there that are specifically made for people to form communities based on a common interest that they build connections on and share knowledge about.


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3. Social Media is Making Us Unsocial | Kristin Gallucci | TEDxBocaRaton
(TEDx Talks)
4. To Anyone Feeling Lonely
(Lana Blakely)
5. Fireside Chat #13: Cooking, Leisure Time, Organization, and the Loneliness Epidemic
(Stronger By Science)
6. Q1 2019 Event Video 1: Community Solutions to the Loneliness Epidemic

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