Creative Garden Early Learning Point Cook (2023)

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Our long day care and early learning centre offers childcare in Point Cook in a modern setting for families living or commuting through Point Cook, Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne and Seabrook.

Weknow how busy the daily routinecanbefor ourfamilies, so weaim to providea stress-freeall inclusiveearlylearningexperienceto make your life easier.Fromhealthymeals tonappies and wipesour fees are all inclusive.

Our childcare centre is located in the Saltwater Community just off Point Cook Road. A bus stop is conveniently located beside the centre and Mary of the Cross Catholic Primary School at the end of Brookdale Road.

See how we’replantinga love of learning atCreative Garden Early LearningCentre Point Cook.Get in touch with ourFamily Support Specialist team today on1800 517 075orbook a tourto seewhat we haveto offer.

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Why you’ll love Creative Garden Point Cook

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Healthy, fresh made mealsConvenient public transport
Creative Garden Early Learning Point Cook (4)Creative Garden Early Learning Point Cook (5)
Spacious outdoor areasNappies and wipes included
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Kindergarten ProgramParent Communication app
  • Qualified educator team who are passionate about developing a great relationship with your family to ensure your child’s learning experience is personalised to their individual needs.
  • A holistic play-based curriculum guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for children from nursery through to kindergarten.
  • Spacious outdoor play areas featuring a large yard and play equipment for children to learn through play.
  • Fees are inclusive of nappies and freshly made meals.
  • Café adjoining our kitchen serving nutritiousmealsmadefreshdaily by ourcentrechef.
  • A kindergarten program taught by a qualified early childhood teacher. The curriculum will assist to prepare your child socially and emotionally for their transition to primary school.
  • Receive regular photos, videos, learning observations and updates via ourparent communication appso you will never miss a moment of your child’s learning and development.
  • We proudly provide flexible hours (9-hour, 10-hour or full-day sessions) to allow families to make the most out of their Child Care Subsidy.

Contactour Family Support Specialist teamon1800 517 075today orbook a tourat your convenience to meet ourCreative Garden Early LearningCentre Point Cookteam and find out more about us.

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Book a tour todaytosee how we’re planting a love of learning at Creative Garden Early LearningCentre Point Cook.

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Rooms and Facilities

Creative Garden Point Cook provides early education and child care for children from nursery age through to kindergarten. Each room has been designed and set up to deliver the best early learning experience for your little one.

Our Nursery rooms (6 weeks – 2 years) provide:

  • A homely, safe and secure environment for children.
  • Highly qualified and dedicated educators who care deeply about children’s wellbeing and growth.
  • Activities designed to grow physical and cognitive development, including tummy time, sensory play, music, singing, rhymes and reading.
  • An open-door policy for families that allows them to drop in for a visit, a feed or a play at any time of the day.

Our Toddler rooms (2 – 3 years) provides:

  • Play-cased activities including music, movement, memory and construction games that are designed to support sensory-motor and cognitive development.
  • Enhanced social skills and self-confidence through group play.
  • The ongoing development of language skills through reading and open-ended questions.
  • Real-life and play-based experiences that allow children to engage in basic literacy and numeracy concepts.

Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten rooms (3 – 5 years) provide:

  • A Kindergarten programwith a comprehensive curriculum focused on further developing literacy, numeracy and social skills.
  • Interest-based learning placing children at the forefront of their early education experience.
  • Play-based opportunities to further develop social skills and emotional development.
  • A transition-to-school program.

See how we plant a love of learning at Creative Garden Point Cook. Book a tour today to see everything our centre and team has to offer.

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Centre Manager Profile

Alana Tammark

Creative Garden Early Learning Point Cook (8)

I started working in Early Childhood Education and Care in 2021 and started at Creative Garden Point Cook in 2023. I have a Diploma of Early Childhood Education. I have previously worked in special needs education for 10 years before making the transition into Early Childhood Education.

I have absolutely loved my time in Early Education, the endless possibilities, seeing the smiles and hearing the giggles of children all day and knowing I am involved in the positive beginnings of their educational life gives me great pride and humbleness.

I have learnt that children are incredible teachers and are so excitable and proud to teach us. This guides my teaching style by being respectful to children as my learning peer.

I believe that children deserve the best introductory into learning, and I am passionate about supporting a team deliver it. The early years are the important years, it is what shapes and molds children for the learners and adults that they will grow to become.

Early Education and Care Centres provide consistency for children, open children up to social experiences, they learn how to get along with other children and adults and supports children learning emotional resilience, they provide inclusion and diversity and support children to become capable and confident learners.

Here at Creative Garden Point Cook we have an amazing team of 28 educators whose qualifications range from Certificate III to Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care. We have a dedicated, longstanding team, some of whom even opened our beautiful centre 9 years ago.

We support families in many ways, we work with children’s specialists, asking for feedback and using that to incorporate family voice into our programs and centre, we celebrate all cultural events and encourage families to be involved, we hold team and family bonding events such as multicultural food and dress up nights, a friendly competition Olympic day and we take the time to get to know our families and children individually, which includes you, your family and child also!

Having worked in the childcare industry for 17 years I knew what I wanted when looking for care for my children, I could not be happier with Creative Garden Point Cook. The staff are wonderful, warm and friendly, the centre inviting and the food is nutritious but most of all my kids love it there!”

  • Sarah

“Creative Garden Early Learning Centre put the children first on every occasion. The staff are wonderful and know my kids extremely well. I know they are safe, happy and enjoying themselves which puts my mind at ease.”

  • Kathryn Lewis

“I must say the centre has huge improvements over the months my twins are settled and seem to be happy the educators are wonderful and Michelle herself has been amazing to my family would highly recommend the centre to anyone who asks about it”

  • Renee

“As a first time mom looking at day care options Creative garden exceeded all my expectations. The professional and caring team provide me peace of mind that my son is in the right environment for him to play, laugh, socialise, develop and thrive in these precious early years. The centre and program are fantastic, and to have his daily activities documents and developmental milestones collected in his journal means the world to me. I have one very happy little boy at the end of each day and I would recommend Creative Garden to any parent!”

  • Joanne Hudson

“We went into our sons kinder year not really knowing what to expect and he comes home daily full of new information, words, numbers and thriving. It makes us really excited about his primary school education years fast approaching and ensures us he is getting the best grounding to move onto Prep”

  • Kathryn

“At Creative Garden Point cook the educators are very friendly, the centre is always clean and the food is amazing and healthy, the children are all very happy here.”

  • Sara Tai

See how we plant a love of learning at Creative Garden Point Cook. Book a tour today to see everything our centre and team has to offer.

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We’d love to welcome you to one of our Creative Garden childcare centres. If you would like to register your interest in a place at Creative Garden Early Learning Point Cook, please fill out the form below. One of our educators will then be in touch to discuss your needs.

Please note: filling in this form does not guarantee a place. We recommend visiting a centre for a tour and meeting our friendly educators.

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We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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