We are seeking a self-starter, collaborative, and independent Senior IT System Administrator to join the Technology Innovation Administration (TIA) at the Department of Social and Health Services, (DSHS) to provide support, manage, develop, and maintain the computer systems, servers, switches, data center, and cloud environment projects that impact the entire DSHS enterprise.

This is an exciting opportunity for a meaningful career where you have the ability to grow, and enjoy the work you do in the fast-paced and dynamic work environment with a great team committed to helping build a better DSHS every day, and Transform Lives

In this role, as a senior System Administrator, you will serve as the designated highest technical authority to senior management and customer for applications issues involving agency-wide CommVault backup, recovery system, infrastructure applications, and Software as a Service (Saas) applications for DSHS Administrations and program areas. You will

report to the manager of the Infrastructure Applications and provide technical support, design, administration, and maintenance for DSHS' enterprise infrastructure application architecture and design for data protection backup and recovery services.

Some of what you'll do:

  • Demonstrate strategic and tactical planning skills, plan, analyze, and develop requirements for Saas and infrastructure applications based on the customers' needs and infrastructure applications patching methods and processes.
  • Analyze Saas platforms and develops procedures, standards, and documentation.
  • Move storage from the State Data Center to the Quincy Data Center
  • Test out the Cloud backup service to include Onedrive for specific users.
  • Verify the backups are completed on time and do the monthly billing for the backups.
  • Solve issues that arise in the CommVault Backup service.
  • Design advanced and complex technology backup and recovery systems to satisfy business requirements using IT best practices.
  • Analyze disaster recovery scenarios and develop backup and recovery requirements, procedures, and schedules.
  • Ensure the ongoing data protection backup and recovery of DSHS applications, data, and technology services.
  • Establish performance measures, analyze problems, make recommendations for improvement, and implement changes.
  • Provide general assistance and consultation to division management and technical staff in the design, development, troubleshooting, and resolution of infrastructure applications.

We need a calm, focused, action-oriented individual who is confident, can multi-task and think critically about their work, have excellent oral and written communication skills, and can help the team deliver quality, timely, and well-tested system enhancements to customers, ensuring that our products, applications, and systems that connect seamlessly and work correctly. They enjoy challenges and the freedom to harness their curiosity and work experience to overcome technical issues and foster a culture of continual learning and process improvement.

If this is your area of expertise and interest, we encourage you to apply!

Who should apply?

  • Bachelor's degree including 9 semesters or 14 quarter hours of computer science courses and five years of consultative, administrative, or supervisory experience in information technology analysis, system maintenance, troubleshooting/problem resolution experience, or analyzing, designing, or programming computer systems applications or databases.
  • Must have three years of recent experience (within the last five years) working at the expert professional technical level across multiple customer bases in a largely decentralized organization designing, utilizing, and implementing the following technologies:
  • Backup and recovery services
    • CommVault Systems
    • Data protection
    • NAS and SAN Storage Systems

To be considered for this opportunity please include the following:

  • Current chronological resume
  • Cover letter explaining why you are interested in the job, and your skills and experience that make you the best person for the job
  • Three professional references with current contact information

Our Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) mission to Transform Lives requires that we come together with a sense of belonging, common purpose, shared values, and meaningful work. It is crucial to our agency's mission that you bring an equity, anti-racism, and social justice commitment to your work with DSHS. We strive to create greater access and affirming representation of the communities we serve, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, people with physical, behavioral health, and intellectual disabilities, elders, LGBTQIA+ individuals, immigrants and refugees, and families building financial security.

Employees of the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment. Any offer of employment is contingent upon verification of your vaccine status. Please note medical or religious accommodation may be available once an offer of employment is made.

If you have questions about job number 00814, contact Anu Rao at or via email at

Supplemental Information

Prior to a new hire, a background check including criminal record history may be conducted. Information from the background check will not necessarily preclude employment but will be considered in determining the applicant's suitability and competence to perform in the job. This announcement may be used to fill multiple vacancies. Employees driving on state business must have a valid driver's license. Employees driving a privately owned vehicle on state business must have liability insurance on the privately owned vehicle.

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in any area of employment, its programs or services on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity/expression, marital status, race, creed, color, national origin, religion or beliefs, political affiliation, military status, honorably discharged veteran, Vietnam Era, recently separated or other protected veteran status, the presence of any sensory, mental, physical disability or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability, equal pay or genetic information. Persons requiring accommodation in the application process or this job announcement in an alternative format may contact the Recruiter at . Applicants who are deaf or hard of hearing may call through Washington Relay Service by dialing 7-1-1 or 1-.

E-Verify is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

More than Just a Paycheck!
Employee benefits are not just about the kind of services you get, they are also about how much you may have to pay out of pocket. Washington State offers one of the most competitive benefits packages in the nation.

We understand that your life revolves around more than just your career. Like everyone, your first priority is ensuring that you and your family will maintain health and financial security. That's why choice is a key component of our benefits package. We have a selection of health and retirement plans, paid leave, staff training and other compensation benefits that you can mix and match to meet your current and future needs.

Read about our benefits:
The following information describes typical benefits available for full-time employees who are expected to work more than six months. Actual benefits may vary by appointment type or be prorated for other than full-time work (eg part-time); view the job posting for benefits details for job types other than full-time.

Note: If the position offers benefits which differ from the following, the job posting should include the specific benefits.

Insurance Benefits
Employees and their families are covered by medical (including vision), dental and basic life insurance. There are multiple medical plans with affordable monthly premiums that offer coverage throughout the state.

Staff are eligible to enroll each year in a medical flexible spending account which enables them to use tax-deferred dollars toward their health care expenses. Employees are also covered by basic life and long-term disability insurance, with the option to purchase additional coverage amounts.

To view premium rates, coverage choice in your area and how to enroll, please visit the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) website. The Washington Wellness program from the Health Care Authority works with PEBB to support our workplace wellness programs.

Dependent care assistance allows the employee to save pre-tax dollars for a child or elder care expenses.

Other insurance coverage for auto, boat, home, and renter insurance is available through payroll deduction.

The Washington State Employee Assistance Program promotes the health and well-being of employees.

Retirement and Deferred Compensation
State Employees are members of the Washington Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS). New employees have the option of two employer contributed retirement programs. For additional information, check out the Department of Retirement Systems' web site.

Employees also have the ability to participate in the Deferred Compensation Program (DCP) . click apply for full job details

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