Global Power Brand Marketing Assistant IP - Industrial Placement - Weybridge - June 2023 (2023)

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Posted Date: Dec 22 2022

Hello. We’reHaleon. A new world-leading consumerhealthcare company. Shaped by all of us. Together, we’reimproving everyday health for millions of people. Bygrowing and innovating our global portfolio of category-leading brands – including Sensodyne, Panadol, Advil,Voltaren, Theraflu,Otrivin, and Centrum – through aunique combination of deep human understanding andtrusted science. What’s more, we’re achieving it in acompany that we’re building together. In an environmentthat we’re co-creating. And a culture that’s uniquelyours. Care to join us. It isn’t a question.

Future Talent roles at Haleon offer the chance to change the way people see and manage their everyday health. That’s an incredible opportunity. An exciting challenge. And a huge responsibility. We’re always looking for ambitious individuals who are inspired by our purpose to deliver better everyday health, with humanity. And want to help us achieve this goal. Right now, we’re looking for Global Power Brand Marketing Assistant to join us to do career defining work.

A career in Oral Health where none of us stand still.

Right now, we’re on an incredible journey as we are the first independent, 100% focused consumer healthcare company. We’re doing this at a time when the work we do has never mattered more. Better everyday health is about improving the health and wellness of the consumers that we touch every year – over a billion and a half of them – and it goes beyond products. It’s about truly helping people manage their health proactively in different ways as consumer needs evolve.

With category leading brands such as Sensodyne, Voltaren and Centrum, built on trusted science and human understanding, and combined with our passion, knowledge and expertise, we’re uniquely placed to do this and to grow a strong, successful business.

This is an exciting time to join us and help shape the future. It’s an opportunity to be part of something special.

What will your individual contribution at Haleon be?

Join a high performing, energetic global brand team to build the foundations for a future career in marketing. Our team is laser focused on building a global brand with humanity and lead the marketing innovation and communication strategy – which is rolled out across 50+ markets around the world. We would love to welcome a new marketing assistant to our team in 2023 to help build our brand, and learn the fundamentals on marketing in the process.

The Marketing Assistant will support the team and be a key part of the team responsible for supporting and delivering the short, mid and long term brand growth plan. In this role, you will support on the 2023 brand and comms initiatives to support in driving sustainable ongoing growth.

Key Responsibilities

  • Global Brand Management
  • Support in the creative and approval process of brand shopper and digital materials
  • Update and build key strategic brand documents and presentations
  • Support and coordinate internal approval of competitive claims and consumer facing materials
  • Lead Internal Team PR and Comms: Workplace, EXCITE teaser videos to inspire the Global markets

Budget and Performance Tracking:

  • Support budget planning, deployment, and tracking
  • Reviewing multiple data sources to track category, brand and competitor performances, proactively recommending course correction activities if required

Market Engagement + Execution:

  • Work with market lead to gather end to end plan and best practice case studies
  • Working with design lead, to manage artwork upgrades, lead tracking of artwork implementation and upgrades through the system
  • Support BU with channel packs: where needed build project plan, work closely with market, supply chain and finance to gain approval of business case and launch packs in market

To recognise your dedication, energy and effort, benefits include:

  • A salary of £22,500
  • An annual bonus linked to performance
  • Employee recognition through our global scheme which rewards exceptional achievements
  • On-the-job experience and formal and informal training and development, delivered through a mixture of coaching, mentoring and formal training programmes
  • Health and wellbeing programmes to take care of your physical and mental health

We’re the people changing the future of everyday health. So you will be someone who has:

  • Creative and problem-solving thinking
  • Strategic/big-picture thinking
  • Entrepreneurial and agile mindset
  • Strong prioritisation and analytical skills
  • Personal accountability
  • Business and consumer/customer knowledge and understanding
  • Adaptability and resilience in ambiguity
  • A desire to learn and have meaningful impact
  • Working and collaborating with many markets across the world
  • Learning from industry experts in communications and innovation
  • Working with creative award winning agencies
  • High energy, fun and family orientated team dynamic
  • 2+ days in the office to ensure you integrate well within the team

To enable you to perform in this future talent opportunity:

Education required:

  • 3 x A levels or equivalent
  • Bsc/ BA University Degree – Ideally in business, marketing

Other requirements:

  • If you have the following characteristics, it would be a plus:
  • Desire to be part of a ‘work family’ – collaborative orientated and trusted team
  • Responsible, financially prudent
  • High level of learning agility
  • Personal credibility, confidence and can-do attitude
  • Proactive, problem solving attitude towards business challenges.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, especially the ability to translate complex analysis into persuasive recommendations and to tailor for multiple different audiences

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Haleon we embrace our diverse workforce by creating an inclusive environment that celebrates our unique perspectives, generates curiosity to create unmatched understanding of each other, and promotes fair and equitable outcomes for everyone.

We’re striving to create a climate where we celebrate our diversity in all forms by treating each other with respect, listening to different viewpoints, supporting our communities, and creating a workplace where your authentic self belongs and thrives.

We flex the way we work so we can be at our best, where possible, and with agreement between line manager, team and individuals. We acknowledge not all colleagues can flex locations depending on their roles and that we don’t have all the answers. Yet.

We invite you to apply as soon as possible. The way we see it, every day is an opportunity. And we are joined by new talent, every day. We accept ongoing applications and will close this vacancy once we have enough applications.

Assessment centre dates: assessment centres/interviews will commence from November onwards

Role start date: July 2023

Need help with your application?

Please email us at and let us know how we can help you. Or email us your number and we’ll call you back. We’ll make all reasonable modifications to support you throughout the recruitment process and we’ll treat all information you give us in confidence. Please get in touch to help us process your application as soon as possible. x


for any queries

Care to join us. Find out what life at Haleon is really like

At Haleon we embrace our diverse workforce by creating an inclusive environment that celebrates our unique perspectives, generates curiosity to create unmatched understanding of each other, and promotes fair and equitable outcomes for everyone. We're striving to create a climate where we celebrate our diversity in all forms by treating each other with respect, listening to different viewpoints, supporting our communities, and creating a workplace where your authentic self belongs and thrives. We believe in an agile working culture for all our roles. If flexibility is important to you, we encourage you to explore with our hiring team what the opportunities are.

As you apply, we will ask you to share some personal information, which is entirely voluntary. We want to have an opportunity to consider a diverse pool of qualified candidates and this information will assist us in meeting that objective and in understanding how well we are doing against our inclusion and diversity ambitions. We would really appreciate it if you could take a few moments to complete it. Rest assured, Hiring Managers do not have access to this information and we will treat your information confidentially.

Haleon is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive equal consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, disability, genetic information, military service, covered/protected veteran status or any other federal, state or local protected class.

Please note that if you are a US Licensed Healthcare Professional or Healthcare Professional as defined by the laws of the state issuing your license, Haleon may be required to capture and report expenses Haleon incurs, on your behalf, in the event you are afforded an interview for employment. This capture of applicable transfers of value is necessary to ensure Haleon’s compliance to all federal and state US Transparency requirements.

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